Who We Are And Why We Do This

In 2010, Mavis Yeh came across H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s teachings on Youtube while researching the significance of mala. After watching the video “All about ROSARIES (mala)” and discovering Rinpoche’s unique style of teaching which combined humour and charisma with spirituality, Mavis was instantly drawn to find out more about Rinpoche. Soon, her siblings Amy, Erik and Jim were introduced to Rinpoche’s precious teachings and the rest was history!

“Nothing Changes Everything Changes” was one of Rinpoche’s many valuable teachings which created a positive change in our perspectives, although nothing about us changed – everything around us changed! The teachings shifted our paradigm on life and taught us to look at the “bigger picture” in the grand scheme of things or in other words, accept karma and take responsibilities for our own actions.


His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche

Even though we grew up in a Buddhist environment, we never really understood the significance of lighting incense and making offerings to Buddha statues. All we ever did was go through the motions. It was Rinpoche’s skillful means and online teachings that filled the gap, educated and helped us understand the meaning behind those meritorious actions. Rinpoche’s tireless teachings and actions on compassion also created awareness about the suffering of others, especially the pain caused by mankind to animals, which made us go from full time meat-eaters to lifetime vegetarians!

Our Tribute

Shih Yen Yeh (1945-2013)

Shih Yen Yeh (1945-2013)

On October 7th, 2013, our father unexpectedly passed away while vacationing in China. Our untimely loss left us with shock, devastation and in an inconsolable state. Throughout this difficult period, Rinpoche was there for us and provided guidance and advice every step of the way. Rather than mourning excessively over our irreversible loss, which would have created more suffering and attachment for us and our father, Rinpoche taught us to focus on how we can benefit our parent as he embarked on his next journey. Most of all, we learnt about the invaluable lesson on impermanence and the importance of practising dharma.

We are truly blessed and honoured to have the opportunity to participate in the creation of the Medicine Buddha Hill project. This is all possible due to the kindness and compassion of our guru, otherwise we would still be lost in our deluded and self grasping mind not knowing that we could still help our father while he was in the Bardo state.

One of the highest form of merit accumulation is building a Buddha statue. What better way to give back than to dedicate the merits to someone who had raised, nurtured and gave us so much to be grateful for in life? Once again, we are indebted to Rinpoche for this rare opportunity of engaging in this holy project to generate merits and dedicate to our beloved father and in the process also benefit our, families, friends, sponsors, volunteers and all those involved in the creation of MBH!

Where Will Your Donation Go

All proceeds will be directed towards the construction of the 15ft Medicine Buddha statue and planned facilities within Medicine Buddha Hill in Bentong, Malaysia. Medicine Buddha is the healer of inner and outer ailments, the completion of the Medicine Buddha statue will bestow great blessings of healing to pilgrims who visit this holy site at Kechara Forest Retreat, as well as the animals and its surrounding environment. A project of this magnitude requires the collective effort of generous sponsors everywhere to contribute to this meritorious project. Do join us in creating a healing sanctuary that benefit all beings not just in this life but also in future lives.


We can all make a difference; your kind contribution regardless of amount is sincerely appreciated.
With folded hands and much appreciation
– Yeh Family –