Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the Medicine Buddha Hill Project.

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2 thoughts on “Contact Us
  1. Hi brothers!

    The “Hum” on your site was wrote by me. I am very happy to see it on a page dedicated to such a meritorious task, and our Center here in Italy is dedicated to Medicine Buddha! I am happy to be of use for such a Dharma “mission”. I wish you to complete your project as soon as possible to spread Healing and Dharma through the world!
    Next time, please ask me for the calligraphy. This Hum is a little bit old: I was at the beginning as a calligrapher.
    I would be happy to donate my work for this kind of purpose, and to Tsem Rinpoche, when asked.
    Please let me know if you want a more recent calligraphy!
    Full in the Dharma

    Dorje Jampel

    • Dear Daniele,

      Thank you for creating a new “HUM” for the Medicine Buddha Hill website. We greatly appreciate it!

      Jim Yeh

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